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07 March 2020
 One of the most important tasks facing Pakistan's policy makers is the management of Pakistan-US relations in the nation's best interests, keeping in view the evolving security environment at gl...
06 March 2020
The industrial relation (IR) system refers to a regulatory framework and mechanism that governsthe work place relations. It is defined as "the interaction between employers and employees or ...
06 March 2020
The economy of Pakistan has entered a growth phase, Reza Baqir, governor of the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP), has said. He added that the economy has recently stabilized. "We can say with confidence t...
06 March 2020
ISLAMABAD: Pakistani authorities have invited UK-based investors to capitalise on investment opportunities in the special economic zones (SEZs) during an international roadshow. High Commissioner Nafe...
06 March 2020
The government is committed to investing in Pakistan's huge demographic dividends and turn the country's immense potential into a vibrant economy, which would generate jobs and revenue, besides puttin...
05 March 2020
Purpose Despite the growing debate about Customer Relationship Management has gained a lot of importance in the 21st century because of globalization and new technology advancement there is little res...

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